Nida Filma was founded in 2000 by famous Russian director and producer Yevgeny Pashkevich (member of Latvian Film Producers Association). The aim is to produce multicultural art-house and commercial feature films for international market.

 Yevgeny Pashkevich

Yevgeny PASHKEVICH, film director/producer.

Born November 1, 1948, Latvia

Graduated from the All-Union Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), Film Director’s Department (R.L.Karmen workshop) in Moscow in 1978. Since 1969 worked at Riga Film Studio. In 2000 founded Nida Filma.

Director of 2 fiction and 36 documentary films. Screenwriter for 11 fiction and documentary films. read more>>

His films "The Long Day", "Variations on the Theme", and "The Days of Man" was selected as study aid for following film higher educational institutions - VGIK (Russia), Graduate Film Programme at New York University and Harvard Film Archive at Harvard University (USA).    filmography >>

 Kristians Luhaers

Kristians LUHAERS film producer.

Born July 7, 1971, Latvia

Independent producer and co-production consultant. Finance management bachelor. His experience in film business is extraordinary - started as production manager assistant and 2nd AD in 1988 at Riga Motion Pictures studio, continued as producer's assistant, production manager at Riga Documentary Film Studio and finally become independent producer. For seven years (1997-2003) he was employed by National Film Center as Head of Production and Baltic Films platform co-ordinator. After that for several years he worked in advertisement business before returned to the film production. It gave him deep and strong knowledges in the new technologies, equipment and production workflows.
He has been working for the last 5 years as executive and line producer for number of feature films and tv productions, as well as production manager and location manager for many foreign productions (Russia, Denmark, Germany, USA, India). His bonuses are deep understanding of the film industry and truly love for this job.
Another of his fields of expertise is film editing, not only technical, but also artistic. He has good knowledge in non-linear editing systems such as Avid Media Composer, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere. He has edited several feature and many documentary films.
Selected films. Executive producer of the feature films "Gulf Stream Under the Iceberg" (2012 dir. Y.Pashkevich), "Threesome Dance" (2011, dir. A.Krievs). Producer of the documentaries "We Knew" (in post-production, dir. I.Linga), "Tunisia" (2007, dir. J.Tubelis), "Liberty Live..." (2001, dir. R.Pipars), "Gavriila" (1998, dir. R.Pipars), "Spanish Capriccio" (1998, dir. J.Ozolins-Ozols)